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Date: 1st July 2015
Yoga: A Holistic Step towards Curing Heart Problems

You have heard in the past about the importance of yoga to stay fit and healthy. But, research has showed that there are cases when the patients suffering from heart diseases can also do yoga. Several poses of the yoga can cure various heart problems. Doctors suggest that simultaneous focus on the body, soul and breathing can cure all sorts of health problems. The yoga exercises are mystical practices that are performed by the spiritual trainees striving to get inner peace. The yoga classes are becoming popular in countries.

Yoga exercise can act as a boon for the people who are suffering from high blood pressure, heart diseases, and other cardiovascular diseases. The yoga classes in Melbourne are gaining importance among the teens, children and even among the pregnant mothers. A group of scientists suggests that yoga exercises along with stretching, breathing, and soft activities have a great impact on the cardiovascular diseases.

Yoga for heart Disease

Yoga and Cardiovascular System:
The word “yoga” originates from Sanskrit that means the union of the mind and the soul. The yoga poses help in collaborating the body, mind and our daily activities and challenges of life. Yoga is of several types. Some are gentle and peaceful, whereas some of the yoga poses help in keeping the body fit and active. People who are suffering from heart diseases, should practice “hatha” yoga or gentle exercises. This type of exercise helps in balancing mind and the body of the trainees. The physical postures, known as “asanas”, control the breathing, balancing and calming the mind through perfect relaxation.

But, the question lies that how yoga can help in improving the condition of the heart. Practicing the various yoga poses gently exercise your cardiac muscles. Anything can help in gently moving of the muscle can indirectly improve the condition of the heart and improves blood circulation as well. The exercises help the muscles to become sensitive to the hormone insulin, which is important to maintain the blood sugar level in the body. The deep-breathing helps to balance the breathing rate. Taking few but deep breathe every minute can balance blood pressure and helps to calm down the sympathetic nervous system. The gentle postures of yoga and breathing play an important role to focus in the activities and also clear the mind.

Advantages of Yoga on Heart:
Heart condition

There are several benefits of the yoga postures of the cardiovascular system. Some are reducing the high blood pressure, improving the chances of heart attacks and failure, enhancing cardiac rehabilitation, improving body balance, ease arthritis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases as well.

Thus, it is clear that the yoga postures can reduce the chances of cardiovascular problems. People who are suffering from heart problems have other health issues like osteoporosis and arthritis. A good instructor of the yoga classes in Melbourne can help the trainees to maintain controlled blood pressure and blood sugar level, as well.


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